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I’m Ari, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to our kitchen! It’s a mix of easy weeknight meals with elevated, yet uncomplicated recipes, along with everything you’ll ever need to throw the most epic dinner parties. We’ve got you covered, from wine pairings to show stopping side dishes, and of course perfectly sweet last bites. Our sincerest hope is that these recipes, tips, and tricks, not only streamline your time spent in the kitchen, but also help to turn you into a more confident home cook.

No matter the occasion, we want you to feel the joy that accompanies serving friends and loved ones something utterly delicious.

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My Story

I have always loved food. Cooking it, consuming it, and traveling the world to find the best of it. Having food be such a large, natural part of my life is pure joy, but getting to build my business around it is a dream come true. While I haven’t always worked in food (my professional background is in Social Psychology), it has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Really delicious food inadvertently makes your eyes grow wide and a smile spread across your face in a way that is uncontrollable and delightful, all at the same time. My goal has always been to create more of those moments. So if you’re ever in my company at a dinner table, know that I’ll be slyly watching all guests during that first bite, hoping for the unspoken sign that yes, the power of delicious food has taken over and you simply must have more.

Once you’ve reached that food euphoria, the rest is history! The conversations are easy, the wine flows endlessly, and the general mood is one of when can we do this again? My husband, John, might argue that I love throwing a good dinner party too much, but I make no apologies for the unabashed delight it brings me. And I hope you’ll stick around to see what else is in store.

When I’m not working, you can most often find me sitting on the patio with my husband, a cup of coffee or a glass of rosé in hand, depending on the time of day. Because we have three young kids, there is usually at least one child hovering around us, demanding attention or a snack. To this I say, “I know a great website where you can source well tested, easy-to-follow recipes that taste great. Perhaps you should try that.”


After working in the restaurant industry in NYC, I realized that while I wanted a career that revolved around food and wine, I didn’t want to work full time in professional kitchens. I started Well Seasoned in 2017 when our youngest son, Colin, went to preschool full-time. It was the first time since having kids that I was able to devote enough time to a passion project. The goal for me was always to turn Well Seasoned into a successful business that I could maintain while being a primary caregiver. To other parents out there, I’d say this: it is 100% possible, and you got this.

A mix of both! While I never attended culinary school, I left a PhD program in Social Psychology to pursue a professional career in food and wine. I moved to NYC, began working in catering kitchens, and when I felt confident enough, I began to stage in high end restaurants. Eventually, I worked my way up to a Michelin-starred, fine dining restaurant.

Yes! Part of why I started Well Seasoned was to work around my kids’ schedules. My husband and I have three children, Ethan (10), Nora (8), and Colin (7). Our boys are much pickier than our daughter, who not only loves to try new food, but adores cooking. She will never turn down a sushi date with mom, and for that, I am extremely grateful. As a result of watching me cook a lot (and I mean a lot), the kids have begun recipe testing on their own… it is both a source of pride and bemusement to see what recipes they dream up!

Yes! Over time, as the business has grown, we’ve taken on additional people to help with occasional photography, videography, and copywriting. All recipes, however, are solely developed and tested by Ari.

Yes, I love working with brands that we already use and love in our kitchen and personal life. You will never find us promoting products that we do not stand behind or believe in wholeheartedly, and promise to always give an honest opinion, whether good or bad, when providing reviews.

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